Update on the Naptown Breaking Bad Pastor Spice Bust- New Charges Filed In MO.

kirk and rob edit pic (Photo credit: Facebook) Kirk Parsons Left/Robert Jaynes Right

This is an update to a story that I previously covered on my blog regarding a large “Spice” bust in Central Indiana. The primary alleged ringleader was Pastor Robert Jaynes Jr. per the filed court documents. Jaynes is currently the pastor of the Irvington Bible Baptist Church in Indianapolis. He has yet to be officially relieved of his pastoral role or resign from his ministerial position in the church.

His alleged “Number Two Man” in the drug ring was Kirk Parsons, also a member of the church. In the first round of charges filed and arrests made several months ago, only lower tier individuals in the alleged ring were charged. Pastor Robert Jaynes Jr. and Kirk Parsons were not charged or arrested at that time. I was told by a relevant investigating official I interviewed that charges¬†were expected to come in the near future for the two supposed ringleaders. The ring was said to have operated in multiple states and to have imported illegal substances from overseas, so there would potentially be Federal charges against them, as well as charges in several states. In the original batch of charges filed, Pastor Jaynes’ wife, Stacey Jaynes, and Kirk Parsons’ wife, Sherry Parsons, were both charged. Several other members of the Irvington Bible Baptist church were also charged.

Please read my previous article that extensively covers the situation and previous charges at the link below:


Ironically, the first charges made against Pastor Robert Jaynes Jr. and Kirk Parsons were recently filed in Missouri by the United States Attorney’s Office. Charges were filed or arrests made on a total of twenty-eight individuals, including Jaynes and Parsons.

The complete court documents filed in the United States District Court, Eastern District of Missouri Division can be found at this link:

A synopsis of the case and charges can be reviewed on the website of the U.S. Attorney’s Office at this link:


This is a link to a story by the St. Louis Post on the charges and arrests:


I will continue to share relevant updates to this case as I am privy to them.