Mixed Fruit Jelly and Razor Blades (A Poem)


“Mixed Fruit Jelly and Razor Blades” -a poem by: Luke Austin Daugherty- All Rights Reserved, Copyright 2016

This is one of those poems, like almost all I write, that just came into existence when I was busy doing something else, but available all the same.

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An Untitled Poem About My Father (Written for His Funeral)


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An Untitled Poem About My Father (Written for His Funeral) -Copyright: 2009, Luke Austin Daugherty- All Rights Reserved

Happy Father’s Day to the dads we are, the ones who we have loved, and the ones who we have lost! – Luke



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This poem was written by my dad, Joe Earl Daugherty, four years before he died and a couple years prior to his cancer diagnoses. His prescience is found in his words. I got being a poet honest, I suppose. Happy Father’s Day, dad! We poets may die (usually too early), but our prose lives on!