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If you dig snow, biking, fitness encouragement, breathy commentary, and/or random cussing, check out my new video!

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Two Songs for Veterans Day (Video Tribute)

It’s Veterans Day! I tip my hat to you vets of all ages out there! Also, yesterday was the 240th birthday of the Marine Corps.

I was honored last year to sing my song, “Ballad of an Old Soldier,” for the Indy Honor Flight WW2 vets. The song was inspired by veterans in my family and WW2 vets that I used to have on my oxygen route when I was in the home healthcare industry during my early twenties. Several of them would share their memories of the war with me unprompted and I was glad to listen. I even had two men who lived less than a mile from one another who had been in the same battle. One served in the Navy and the other in the Marines. They did not know one another, and due to HIPAA regulations, I could not tell them about one another. Yet, their experiences from WW2 and attitudes toward them were very similar.

I wrote, “Afghanistan,”  for younger veterans about seven years ago. I was a driver for a moving company at the time and delivered an international shipment to a Marine who was fresh back from the war. As he shared some of his experiences with me, I said, “You know, you really don’t see a hell of a lot about Afghanistan on TV anymore. It’s all about Iraq.” He replied, “Nope. Afghanistan just isn’t sexy enough for TV.” That conversation inspired me to write this song.

Both songs are available for download on Cdbaby and iTunes:

Ballad of an Old Soldier:

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CDbaby link

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Also, to any of my fellow Americans who strive to maintain freedom and liberty, help others in this life, and make things a little better for all of us in general, thanks to you as well! Just being a kind person, a good mom or dad, purposing to keep growing as an individual, setting a good example for others, and encouraging others in this life is admirable. Many fight for the cause of freedom and liberty from within our own borders with songs, pens, one-on-one conversations, street actions, and social media. Regardless of how you go about it, keep up the good work! -Luke

“Accidental Scars” Live Poetry Reading intro for Lay Down in the Water by Luke Austin Daugherty

This was a live reading of my poem, “Accidental Scars, as the intro to a performance of, “Lay Down in the Water,” from a live concert at the Artsgarden.

“Accidental Scars”-

Her uniform shirt
Was short-sleeved
So I could see the scars on both of her wrists
Not horizontal
But vertical
Because when she made the cuts
She meant business

Still, she made it
Against her own will to die
She lived

The cuts have healed
Into minor disfigurements
On the surface of her epidermis

I bet
That occasionally
She goes a day without even noticing
That the scars are there

Her belly is now swollen with new life
And a second heartbeat
To echo her own

The triumphant irony of the situation
Is not lost on me
That another, unexpected generation
And likely many to follow
Will come from the womb of a woman
Whose heart refused to quit
Until her intentional cuts
Healed up into accidental scars

Copyright 2015- Luke Austin Daugherty- All Rights Reserved
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