It Makes No Matter To Me (A Poem)

grand canyon
There is a place on the edge of the Grand Canyon

Where once I stood

It, being in the shape of a long, narrow triangle

I walked out to the point

Just barely wider than my shoulder-width feet

And stood there trembling

With my closest fellow

Choosing to remain

In safer territory


For to the right and left of me

No stone floor was found

And there was none still in front

Only underneath me and back behind…


So, as my gaze lifted up from my own tattered shoes

I saw only the distant floor and walls of the Canyon afore and about me

As though I floated in the air

Or rather plummeted

As a falling angel

Cast out of Heaven perhaps

Who opened his eyes

Before crashing into the fallen and cursed, terrestrial plain

Just to think to himself,

“Goddamn… it is so beautiful.”


I felt the vertigo grip me

Yet I lost not my balance

As any wavering would be death


I stood there for a single moment

Stretched into eternity

I marched in my mind

Both forward and back

As much as I was only present in that moment as well


Foolish and bold though it was

There I stood forever

And though after that moment

I walked back away from the Canyon’s treacherous edge

I never left it


I am standing there still today

Suspended in the air

Held by an unseen stone


As unsure as it is firm

Until I eventually fall


Into my own bliss

Never again to return


Yet, ever to be.

If only as a whisper


Through the lips of eternity

Or only the moment

Either way…


It makes no matter to me.


Copyright: Luke Austin Daugherty 2014

(all rights reserved)

The Chronicles Of Simon the Lover- Chapter Ten: Fallen Angel

The Chronicles Of Simon the Lover

Chapter Ten: Fallen Angel


And with this

Time stopped in the small community

While everyone who had bought a paper

(And believe me, that day everyone bought

A paper)

Caught their breath


On Simon’s way into town

Each passing car moved in slow motion

And every pedestrian’s glance

Was not a look of disgust

But of amazed confusion



The town’s peculiar one?

Can a crooked, shuffling

Familiar stranger

Be the author of inspired words

And the true love

Of the fair Muriel?


Could he be the one

Who had cut his heart open

As with a knife

Before us all?


That day at the diner

Simon was not the ghost

Haunting the back-corner table

But the focus of everyone’s attention

And topic of their whispered conversation


As twelve o’clock drew nearer

Simon’s anticipation increased

And when the door opened

His heart almost ceased to beat

When for the first time

He allowed his eyes to meet Muriel’s


Between each blink

Eternity passed

Muriel felt Simon’s love

She felt peace

She felt whole


Then, as Peter taking his eyes off of the Lord

Sunk into the sea

With faith faltering,

Muriel looked upon the faces of the townsfolk

Feeling their judgment

And her faith in love being shaken

She walked back out the door


As she hurried down the sidewalk

She wept with disappointment

Not in her lover

But in herself

Her detached, offended spirit

Viewed her body from above

As God, beholding a fallen angel


While she sped away

Toward the far country

Simon sat at his formica covered

Back-corner table

For the last time

And wrote one more poem…


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