The Sunday Sermon- Pete Holmes on Not Knowing (the glory of discovery)

This is a hilariously comedic critique of part of our modern condition. Enjoy and pass it on!

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The Chronicles of Simon the Lover- Chapter One: A Man Peculiar

The Chronicles of Simon the Lover

Chapter One: A Man Peculiar


Every small town has a man who is shunned

A man who is peculiar in one way or another

Usually seen walking here or there

Sometimes stopping at the cafe for coffee

Sitting in the safety of the back corner booth

Always alone


A man who is never afforded

The congenial small talk

And courteous nods

Offered to one another

By the regular citizens


Simon was such a man


He had suffered a bout of polio as a child

Scarcely surviving the episode

Being left a bit hunched over

With his spine and one leg permanently crooked


In nineteen fifty-six

Simon was a man in his late twenties

He was always disheveled in appearance

Often seen shuffling down the sidewalk

While catching the disapproving glances

Of the regular townsfolk

Like an unwelcome leper with

Worn clothes

Unkempt hair

And a lonely soul


His parents having both passed on

He lived with an aunt on his father’s side

Who was kind enough to give him room and board

Though he could pay no regular rent

As he was only able to find odd and infrequent jobs

Because who wants a cripple for their hired man

 (Strange how a town with so many churches

   can be so wanting in the area of practical



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