I Bless You My Fellow Man (A Poem Inspired By Good People)


I bless you my fellow man

With no blessing other than I can give

I bless you by none higher than myself

I pray no gods to show you favor

Nor implore devils to stay their hands from harming you

I bless you only by myself

Praying you find not my benison wanting or having fallen short

Nothing I have to offer but my temporal frame

Conscious mind

And good will

I hope it is enough

No reward to give but my own

Unremarkable though it may be

I have no eternity to offer

So I must present but my life and loyalty

No set destiny

We must find our own purpose together

And no promise from above

As we must be our own guarantee

Regarding the path to follow

The lines are not always drawn so straight

With Cartesian form

Or providing convenient demarcation

We will have to sort it out as we go

But, still I bless you



Copyright 2014- Luke Austin Daugherty- All Rights Reserved