An Untitled Poem About My Father (Written for His Funeral)


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An Untitled Poem About My Father (Written for His Funeral) -Copyright: 2009, Luke Austin Daugherty- All Rights Reserved

Happy Father’s Day to the dads we are, the ones who we have loved, and the ones who we have lost! – Luke



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This poem was written by my dad, Joe Earl Daugherty, four years before he died and a couple years prior to his cancer diagnoses. His prescience is found in his words. I got being a poet honest, I suppose. Happy Father’s Day, dad! We poets may die (usually too early), but our prose lives on!


The Sunday Sermon: Hank Green on What it Means to Matter

Check this one out, peeps! It’s worth your four minutes. I don’t have much to add to Hank’s presentation on this one 🙂

Have a great week! -Luke

Thanks for Encouraging Scientific Literacy John Oliver

John Oliver Science

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Scientific Studies (HBO)- Screenshot- Used under Fair Use Act

Here’s the thing about science… for the most part, scientific progress is generally a slow process and boring to almost anyone who isn’t a scientist. That dynamic begs the following problem: With an Internet Culture that demands to be constantly wowed by new, provocative, stimulating, but not-too-intellectually demanding information, and click-bait news articles and blogs, how should media outlets, “news” sites, TV talk shows, and professional bloggers, all thirsty for advertising revenue via views present science and scientific studies? Well, for the most part, the answer is to propagate complete bullshit, hack interpretations of data, push non-peer-reviewed studies as proven facts,  or to re-package peer reviewed studies so that they fit nicely on the low shelf and can be married up with exciting buzz worthy titles.

Before moving forward, let me give you complete disclosure. I am not a scientist. I am a writer, poet, and ebay entrepreneur. But, I love science and highly esteem its value to humanity as an empirical method of discovery. Because of that, I cringe when the revelatory power of the Scientific Method and complex findings of scientific studies are wielded about by the unlearned in media like a toddler with a .357 revolver.

Too strong of an analogy? I think not. Maybe too weak. Toddlers with revolvers would only have six shots each to do damage with. A scientifically flawed online article or news story has the power to dangerously deceive millions. The thing is, the propagation of pseudo-scientific bullshit can and does kill people. That is particularly the case when people have an aversion to traditional, proven medical treatments for various cancers and other deadly afflictions and turn rather to the magical promises of unproven (and sometimes inherently dangerous) “natural” remedies. On the flip side, otherwise healthy people can be MADE ill via untested supplements and the like. Sure, a healthy and varied diet is to be lauded and applied in one’s life. Yet, when you need modern medicine and/or treatments backed by vetted scientific research to cure a particular malady, don’t presume that merely eating more of this or that and/or taking some crap the salesperson at your local supplement shop assures you is the miracle cure-all will fix your problems. You may well avoid traditional medicine, relying on “natural remedies” until the situation is too late to reverse. Do traditional treatments always work? Nope. But they have at least been tried and tested via trial, error, and peer-reviewed research. I’ll take that over some magic beans any day.

So, when I read or watch pseudo-science presented by news anchors, Internet article writers, and bloggers, I get a bit angry. I get angry when people are given false hope for their sicknesses by modern day snake oil salesmen. I get angry when energy is wasted in society filtering out the bullshit AND when people, even fairly well educated people, are fooled by said bullshit. Lastly, I get angry that our modern society is left intellectually weak by being allowed to hit baseballs off of the tee like children when we should be swinging at fast, difficult pitches like adults- metaphorically speaking. Though, I can’t blame only those who are selling snake oil. As a society, we are buying it time and time again.

Because of all that, I am thankful to the John Oliver Show people for their new related segment. Please, please, PLEASE, my fellow humans… let the scientists do their work. Give them time and funding to do it. Let the scientists re-test and peer-review the experiments and data. And, when their findings are a bit outside the realm of our own layman’s understanding, we should let the scientists explain it to the rest of us rather than the news anchors.

Please watch and enjoy the following video:

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Scientific Studies (HBO)

I encourage you to seek to expand your own understanding of the Scientific Method and various areas of scientific exploration as a part of your own personal study and life-long learning. I assure you, having a finely tuned bullshit detector is a very handy thing in this world. You may also find some merit in this handy poster from a previous blog:

Keys to Sound Thinking Chart

“Keys to Sound Thinking” Poster by: Luke Austin Daugherty



My Worst Fears (An Honest Poem)



“My Worst Fears” -an original poem by Luke Austin Daugherty. Copyright 2016, words and photo, all rights reserved. Written on my vintage Royal Mercury manual typewriter.

As always, thank you for reading and sharing! Please visit and find me on social media. -Luke

Watch the World Burn (A Poem)


“Watch the World Burn” -an original poem by Luke Austin Daugherty. Copyright: 2015 picture and words, all rights reserved. No use without the permission of the author.

As always, thank you for reading and sharing my posts. -Luke

Confessions of a Former Homophobe: Same Love

I’m re-posting my article from last year due to my joy over the SCOTUS decision on same-sex marriage 🙂

Luke Austin Daugherty


“They call us ‘Homophobic’! I ain’t scared of no queers! They are the ones going to hell! They should be scared!” That was the line shouted by my red-faced, Independent Baptist pastor from behind his sacred pulpit nearly fifteen years ago…

Let me first back up even more to my childhood. Born in 1977, I was primarily raised during the 80’s. It was a time when there were no obviously gay characters on regular TV and “Money for Nothing” by Dire Straights had the lyric “that little faggot with the earring and the make-up” playing on the radio. The 1980’s saw the end of the golden age for those who wanted a primarily gay-free pop culture. Outside of the correlation made between the outbreak of HIV/AIDS and homosexuality, I don’t remember many other references to gays by the media during my childhood.

I didn’t have any inherent dislike of gay people…

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“On Being a Father” (A Father’s Day Poem Typecast)

"On Being a Father" by Luke Austin Daugherty, Pg. 1- Words and picture Copyright 2015: Luke Austin Daugherty

“On Being a Father” by Luke Austin Daugherty, Pg. 1- Words and picture Copyright 2015: Luke Austin Daugherty

"On Being a Father" by Luke Austin Daugherty, Pg. 2- Words and picture Copyright 2015: Luke Austin Daugherty

“On Being a Father” by Luke Austin Daugherty, Pg. 2- Words and picture Copyright 2015: Luke Austin Daugherty

“Black and White Sacrament” – A Poetic Tribute to the Work of Roger Ballen

A tribute to the work of photographer and artist, Roger Ballen. The poem was typed on a vintage Sears Newport manual typewriter. Words/Picture Copyright 2015/All Rights Reserved-Luke Austin Daugherty

A tribute to the work of photographer and artist, Roger Ballen. The poem was typed on a vintage Sears Newport manual typewriter. Words/Picture Copyright 2015/All Rights Reserved-Luke Austin Daugherty

“That’s it, that’s why you invited me. That’s the image. That’s the image that penetrates everybody’s head here… ‘Uh, uh, uh. Oh, they’re disabled. Oh, what’s wrong with them? They’re weird. They’re strange. Oh, I don’t like what they look like. Oh, he’s an exploiter. Mr. Ballen is an exploiter. He took their picture. Who gave him permission?’ -Yeah, yeah, you’re missing the point.You’re missing the point. Why is the picture in your head? Why is the picture in your head? Why will this picture never leave your head? That’s the answer. That’s the question. Why? Why? Why? Yeah, it’s not because they’re so strange. Maybe it is… They stick in your head because they’re your mirror. They’re your mirror. They’re your mirror. You think you’re civilized, don’t you? Don’t you? But you’re not.” -Roger Ballen, from the video below: Is Ugliness Beauty?

Photo Credit: Roger Ballen's Facebook album: Platteland- (from his 1994 book of the same name)

Photo Credit: Roger Ballen’s Facebook album: Platteland- (from his 1994 book of the same name)

I was first introduced to the art and photography of Roger Ballen several years ago via the music and videos of Die Antwoord. His work, for me as a beholder, is all about human perspective. It is a leveler for high-mindedness. It exposes beauty in the forgotten and neglected hideous. His work gets under my skin. It makes me think and re-evaluate. It is offensive to my civilized sensibilities. Is there a higher compliment that can be given to an artist?

“Just be aware that the picture is a complex being. That everything out there is a complex being. You can’t put things into one word. Screw one word. Things aren’t ugly. Things aren’t necessarily beautiful. They are what they are. They’re multi-faceted. Multi-layered, beyond words. That’s what makes good artwork.” -Roger Ballen

For more related information, see the links and videos below. As always, thanks for reading and sharing. -Luke

Roger’s site: Roger Ballen’s official site

A Die Antwoord video directed by Roger Ballen and Ninja.


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What is The Butterfly Flutter Project?

check it out! 🙂

The Butterfly Flutter Project

A smiley face that my daughter, Lydia, drew for me A smiley face that my daughter, Lydia, drew for me

Life is busy these days and sometimes we forget to have an intentional impact on our fellow humans for the better. Yet, very tiny actions and subtle variations in approach can produce a positive impact on others, whether directly or in a nonlinear fashion. This concept is commonly known as, “The Butterfly Effect.” For a more scholarly breakdown on the Butterfly Effect, please visit this link:

I believe that you and I possess the ability to have a huge impact on our world via the consistent utilization of small, positive behaviors in daily life. We can create positive ripples in the sea of humanity that will travel far beyond what we will ever see.

The Butterfly Flutter Project aims to encourage humans to impact other humans for the better, via tiny acts of kindness that can have huge impacts. The…

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