My Pick of the Week- A Vintage Vitamaster Roller Massager!

My favorite pick of the week for my ebay store.

My favorite pick of the week for my ebay store.

This is a VERY cool, vintage massager! Ironically, I just picked and sold a Vitamaster Stand-up belt massager a few weeks ago.

These units are usually hard to track down locally, even in shabby condition. So, when I found my second fully-functional Vitamaster massager within one month’s time, I was excited!

Here is the link to my ebay listing. Don’t miss out as it will likely go fast!

Here is the general link to my ebay store:

Check out this old clip featuring women’s fitness equipment of the time. You’ll notice a massager very similar to the Vitamaster above in operation 🙂

My Pick of the Week! A Vintage Harris Tweed Trench Coat

Vintage Harris Tweed Trench Coat- Photo: Luke Austin Daugherty

Vintage Harris Tweed Trench Coat- Photo: Luke Austin Daugherty

I have been doing a lot of picking for my ebay store over the last several weeks! From auctions, to thrift stores, to church sales, I’ve found some cool and unique stuff!

My personal favorite find (and I am biased), is this vintage Scottish Harris Tweed men’s overcoat. I occasionally find and sell Harris Tweeds on my store and my twin sons sell a few each year on their ebay store as well. I am always excited to find a Harris Tweed in good shape, regardless of the model. Yet, the basic/plain blazers are more common and with suede elbow patches, less so. But, I rarely find a Harris Tweed overcoat.

Last year, I found a mint condition 60’s Harris Tweed 3/4 length overcoat. It fit like it was custom tailored for me. Though they sell very well on ebay, I couldn’t bear to part with it. So, I adopted that one as my own 🙂 I looked up what it would cost to have a brand new one of the same model custom tailored for me and it racked up $835! I got mine for $5 during a 1/2 off Saturday at Goodwill in Indianapolis.

Luke Austin Daugherty in his vintage Harris Tweed overcoat. Photo: Lydia Daugherty

Luke Austin Daugherty in his vintage Harris Tweed overcoat. Photo: Lydia Daugherty

The difficult thing was, this newly picked overcoat fit me as well! Not wanting to be a tweed glutton, I decided to sell it. So, I dropped it off at the dry cleaners Friday and picked it back up today. It wasn’t dirty to start with. But, I’m a stickler for quality when it comes to selling such items on my ebay store. I wanted the jacket to be in the best shape possible. Here is the link to the ebay listing:

Harris Tweed Overcoat ebay listing

I’m excited to see how fast this one sells and where it ends up! For those who enjoy vintage clothing, hats, and more, I suggest checking out The Fedora Lounge online:

Also, here is a neat little story on Harris Tweed:

Shop for brand new Harris Tweed Clothing here:

Harris Tweed Authority official site:

Check Out My Ebay Store on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday!

Link to Brother Luke’s Treasures Ebay Store

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Adventures in Picking- I Witness an Epic Battle of Wills at Goodwill- Old Man vs Lady

Besides being a writer and singer-songwriter, I operate three ebay stores to pay the bills and allow for a free-spirited life. I pick things to resell on my ebay stores at all kinds of places, including the Goodwill Outlet Store.

Since you just grab stuff out of the bins at that store, there are lots of people, and new bins are rolled out regularly, it is a recipe for frequent drama between shoppers. I was able to capture a fairly mild example here…

When the new bins were just rolled out, this lady and old man snatched for the same Carhartt coat like ninjas and an epic battle of wills ensued. But, the old man won… I have seen way crazier fights than this at the Goodwill, even to the point that management called the cops.

This is just a reminder to keep it classy when shopping, especially with the approach of “Black Friday” next week 🙂

My Pick of the Week- 1970’s Lesco Leather Motorcycle Jacket-NEW WITH TAGS!


1970's Lesco Leather motorcycle jacket- photo Luke Austin Daugherty

1970’s Lesco Leather motorcycle jacket- photo Luke Austin Daugherty

I have made a few trips out picking for my ebay store in the last week and I’ve found some great stuff! But, nothing cooler than this vintage biker jacket!

It is a 1970’s Lesco, leather biker jacket. It has a fitted/half-buckle waist, zip-up wrists, four front pockets, and a zip-out liner.

Even cooler than that… IT IS NEW WITH TAGS! That’s right, a never worn/original tags 70’s Lesco biker jacket! Size men’s Medium/38 chest. It is a dark, coffee bean brown.

This price on the tag is $129! Imagine that adjusted for around 40 years inflation!

Here is the link the ebay listing for it 70’s Lesco Motorcycle Jacket Ebay Listing