How to Make Easy and Tasty Red Potatoes with Chili

Red Potatoes with Turkey Chili Recipe by Luke Austin Daugherty

Red Potatoes with Turkey Chili Recipe by Luke Austin Daugherty

This dish is a family favorite around our house! Our “Red Potatoes with Turkey Chili” is a complete meal when served in a larger portion and easy to make. The total time required from prep to service is less than an hour. This meal is a nice twist on regular chili cheese fries!

Homemade chili can be used in this recipe, but I’m giving you the “easy” way in this case via canned chili. You can also not use some of the ingredients I have listed and add some others of your own to suit your tastes or based on what you have available.


-Large Red Potatoes: about 1 1/2-2 potatoes per person eating for a decent size “meal” serving.

– Canned chili- I like using Meijer brand turkey Chili: use about 1/2 a can per person

– One small onion- quartered and then thinly sliced

– 1/2 a bell pepper- chopped (color of your choice)

-2 cloves garlic- minced

-2 tbsp butter

-Shredded cheese

-Sour cream



-Chili powder


-wash and thinly slice red potatoes leaving the skin on

-Using a large frying pan, add the potatoes to an already simmering mixture of the butter and 1 1/2 cups of water on slightly over medium heat. Cook covered for approximately 30 minutes or until potatoes are done (but not mushy or breaking). Stir occasionally for even cooking.

-As potatoes are starting to cook, chop bell pepper, onions, and garlic and add quickly to cooking potatoes . Add a couple shakes of salt and pepper.

-Heat chili in another pan on medium/low (you want it at a sufficient temperature to melt the shredded cheese when plated)

-Prepare toppings as potatoes finish cooking

-When potatoes are finished, plate the meal with chili on top, adding some shredded cheese, a dollop of sour cream, a few leaves of cilantro, thin bell pepper slices, chopped onion, a shake or two of chili powder, and some drizzled Siracha hot sauce (all toppings optional)


How to Make Tasty Turkey Vegetable Soup After Thanksgiving

Photo- Luke Austin Daugherty

Photo- Luke Austin Daugherty

As we all tend to do a day or two after Thanksgiving, I found myself trying to figure out how to use some of our leftovers. I have always loved making soups of all kinds, so, I decided to create a unique Turkey Vegetable soup today. Total time from prep to serving was under an hour.

In a 6 qt. pot, I added:

-2 1/2 quarts water

-1 1/2 pounds leftover turkey (light and dark meat)

– about 15 sliced baby carrots

– 1 large yellow bell pepper

-1/2 a stalk of celery

-6 leaves of napa cabbage

-one medium onion

– one can of green beans (I actually had about a can’s worth of leftover green beans to use)

– about 10 sliced mushrooms

-3 chopped cloves garlic

-1/2 a handful of chopped cilantro

– a few shakes of thyme, marjoram, salt, and pepper.

-3 chicken bullion cubes and the two turkey leg bones cooked in for broth flavor. Having some dark meat in the mix also helps with the flavor.

-Topped with a dollop of sour cream, cilantro, carrot shaving, and paprika. Celery stalk end floral garnish.

Combine and bring all ingredients to boil. Allow to boil for about 15 minutes and then reduce heat to simmer for about 30 minutes, or until fresh vegetables are tender. Serve with or without garnish. Salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy! Also, adapt to your own recipe or based on what ingredients you have available. -Luke

How to Make the Best, Easiest, Cheapest Quick Refrigerator Pickles


Ingredients for Quick Pickles – Photo: Luke Austin Daugherty

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE pickles! Not only that, but my wife and kids all love pickles! We can go through a jar of pickles in no time. By that, I mean if a new jar of pickles lasts more than an evening in our house, that jar of pickles should consider itself lucky 🙂

The trouble is, the really good pickles tend to cost anywhere between $3.99 and $5.49 per 24 oz jar. So, if you love to eat good pickles, it can be an expensive habit. You can get into canning pickles of course, but it can be a tedious process, expensive if you don’t have canning supplies, and not worth it just to make small batches.


We have been making these for years and have tweaked our recipe to find the easiest and cheapest way to make super-tasty pickles quickly in small batches at home.

What I am giving you here is my recipe for basic, but very tasty dill pickles. I will tell you some easy variations along the way. Also, I have tailored this recipe for a single batch of pickles made in a common 24 oz pickle, sauerkraut, or similar glass jar that you can reuse from another purchase. That way, you don’t have to spend extra money on a Mason jar.

You will need:

1. White Vinegar

2. Apple Cider Vinegar (this is optional, but I like the subtle flavor it adds)

3. Tap or bottled water

4. Kosher salt (regular table salt will work too if that is all you have)

5. Fresh garlic bulb

6. White sugar

7. Black pepper or pepper corns

8. A small white or yellow onion

9. One large cucumber (3/4 lb-1 lb) or two smaller

10. Fresh dill or dried dill seed

* You will also need a 24 oz glass jar/lid, a sharp knife, small pan, cutting board, one cup measure, and measuring spoons

Step One:

Mix together 6 oz of white vinegar, 6 oz of water, 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar, 2 1/2 tbsp salt, and 2 1/2 tbsp sugar in a small pan. Heat the solution on medium and stir frequently to avoid scorching the sugar. (If you desire more sweet or salty, adjust the mix according to your tastes. Also, you can use all or part brown sugar instead of white)

quick pickles, step #1

quick pickles, step #1

quick pickles- step #1

quick pickles- step #1

Step Two:

While the solution is heating up, cut up all fresh ingredients, pack them tightly into the jar, and add the pepper/dill. I like to cut 1/3 of the cucumber into 1/8″ slices and 2/3 of the pickle into spears so I’ll have a mix of finger pickles and pickles for sandwiches. You can cut them any way you like.

Thinly slice about 1/2 of a small onion and chop about 3-4 cloves of garlic. After packing all the ingredients into the jar, sprinkle in 1/2 tsp of ground pepper or pepper corns, then add a few sprigs of fresh dill or 1 tsp of dill seeds.

You can also add a pinch of ground mustard, celery seed, sliced scallions, and/or thyme for complexity.

For “spicy pickles,” all you need to do is thinly slice one jalapeno and put in the jar. You’ll have TASTY spicy pickles that are of a medium heat.

quick pickles- step #2

quick pickles- step #2

Step three:

Your pickling solution should be done about the time you are finished putting the ingredients in the jar. Carefully, pour the hot solution into the jar. Make sure the ingredients are all covered with liquid, but leave about 1/4″  of space at the top of the jar. Let the jar cool to room temperature, then put it in the refrigerator overnight or until it is cold. Then, enjoy the best fridge pickles you ever had! Make sure to keep them refrigerated since they are not canned/sealed and not intended for room temperature storage.

Easy Refrigerator Pickles- Luke Austin Daugherty

Easy Refrigerator Pickles- Luke Austin Daugherty

If you are making pickles in a different sized jar, here is the easy way to judge how much water/vinegar you need to start with. If your jar is tightly packed with cucumbers, you will need about 1/2 the volume of the jar in vinegar/water. So if you were using a 1 qt. jar, you’d need 16 oz of solution total- 8 oz of water and 8 oz of white vinegar. Adjust all other ingredients accordingly.

Another thing you can do when you have eaten all the pickles is just add some more cucumbers to the solution. Since it isn’t hot when the cucumbers are added, you may want to let them sit for a couple days before eating for the solution to work into the cucumbers. The onions that are pickled also end up being very good on hamburgers or plain.

Happy pickle making! -Luke