Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax: Remembering a Homeless Street Hero 10 Years After His Death

A true street hero, Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax, was stabbed and left for dead on a sidewalk in Jamaica Queens, New York after defending a woman (a stranger to him) from an attacker. Over 20 people walked by without helping him while he lay dying. He died April 18, 2010. Hugo was an immigrant to the USA from Guatemala. Let us keep his memory alive. So far as I can find via research, no one has ever been arrested or charged with his murder. If you have any information that could lead to justice for him, please contact the appropriate authorities.



I wrote this song, The Patron Saint of Jamaica Queens, in 2010 as a tribute to Hugo’s memory. He was a homeless man who gave everything he had to give, his very life, defending a stranger. The world is forever better because of his life and willingness to help others.

News clips and audio in the video used under the Fair Use Act.

Please share this video. I would love for his family to end up seeing it. The song itself is available for digital download at:
Words and music by: Luke Austin Daugherty -Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved Luke Austin Daugherty


“The Patron Saint of Jamaica Queens”

V1. I didn’t wake up this morning and think that I would die tonight-I just thought I might find a soft place to fall- ’cause after all, we all need a place, but I have…

Ch. I have nowhere to lay my head- I have no place to go- I have nowhere to lay my head- I have no place to go…

V2. It’s cold and dark in Jamaica Queens, so I huddle ‘neath the lights of the street- I saw her in danger and frozen in fright- thought I’d be her angel tonight, ’cause I…


V3. Sometimes a knife to the heart is not just a metaphor- some things are fair in New York that are not in love and war- and standing there they just watched me here- like I’m Jesus with no cross and no beard…


Bridge: Am I a 3-D doormat underneath this city’s feet- a super hero with only the power to bleed- the man in white with no white coat or hat- losing the battle to the man in black

V4. So this will be my widow’s mite- I don’t have two coins, so I’ll just give my life and- Saint Peter meet me at the gates- I called for Michael to defend, but he was running late and I…