Some Brief Thoughts on the Benefits of Walking

I think that beyond the many physical benefits of walking, the mental benefits are as manifold. Some of my best ideas and most important revelations are born during walks. I decompress. I consider things in a less distracted frame of mind.  I love the simplicity of walking… travelling the speed that humans have primarily moved at throughout our entire evolution and existence. Foot speed. The speed at which we are best adjusted to observing the world.

From the beginning of my fitness journey in 2017, walking has been the foundation of my exercise. The primary rule? Replace as much driving as possible with walking, biking, or running. Even my initial idea for doing a fitness account on Instagram almost two years ago came from a walk home from @oasis_diner after having coffee. (Actually, if you want REAL magic in life, combine walks AND coffee regularly)  I also love the Bill Burr stand-up comedy bit when he’s saying that you ate your way into being fat, now walk it off! Thanks, Bill! It works! Especially when you consider that half of all driving trips in the USA are only 3 miles or less. Just swap the car keys for some comfy shoes or a bike. 

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