Fixing Up One of My Favorite Recent Finds-A WW2 Era Navy Peacoat


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I was stoked when I found this peacoat at a local Goodwill outlet! I rarely ever pass up a vintage peacoat (as long as it’s a legit US. Navy peacoat and not a knock-off) unless it’s moth-eaten or has damage that I can’t personally fix. This one was just REALLY dusty, had a missing button, a small torn spot in the lining, one small loose lining seam, and one armpit with the lining loose around 1/2 of the seam…. nothing that an hour-ish of hand stitching and a serious lint brush session couldn’t fix 🙂

Thankfully, I had a period-correct button from another damaged WW2 peacoat made by the very same Naval Clothing Factory. Serendipity strikes again!

Last night, I got around to cleaning and stitching the peacoat up while sipping some tasty Hamm’s beer (not a paid advertising, but it should be). It took me a little over an hour start-to-finish. Then, I listed it on ebay this afternoon. See the link if you’re interested: WW2 Peacoat listing on Brother Luke’s Treasures Ebay Store

Also, there is a fantastic peacoat dating/history page on the Fedora Lounge if you want to do any of your own peacoat research. See link: Peacoat Dating on the Fedora Lounge

Below, there are a few of the pics from this project. As always, thank you for reading and sharing my blog! I am an independent poet, author, and singer/songwriter and I have my own ebay business to keep me as flexible as possible. But, writing takes time and if you appreciate what I do, if you have been moved or made to think by my writing, OR have just enjoyed something on my blog, please throw a buck or two in my tip jar!:) Your kind contribution may buy me a cup of coffee out at my next writing session. Click my easy paypal “tip jar” link that follows and THANKS! -Luke

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Luke Austin Daugherty repairing a vintage WW2 peacoat


Hand-stitched lining repairs on a vintage WW2 Naval Clothing Factory peacoat and the original tag.