A Perfect Example of Why We Fear Those Who Are Supposed To Serve & Protect Us

This is a sad situation… But, not a unique one in the USA. All too often police officers are guilty of intimidating, beating, and even shooting citizens who have broken no laws or only committed minor infractions.

Are there good cops? I’m sure there are plenty. But, they don’t nullify the actions of the bad ones.  A police culture has been cultivated in this Nation which allows for the systematic abuse of citizens and the regular cover-up and minimization of the offenses by police departments when the offenses come to light. That is one reason why the average citizen, regardless of ethnicity, feel instant fear and/or trepidation when they have any reason to interface with a police officer.

Amazingly, in the situation shown in the video above, it appears that the officer is now actually being held to account for his actions. Only when police are regularly punished for violating the rights of citizens and stop seeing themselves as the “masters” rather than true public servants will the overall situation change in this country.

For regular updates on offenses against citizens by police and related information, like Cop Block on Facebook:


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