“Planting Trees” -A Poem by Luke Austin Daugherty

“Planting Trees” -an original poem by Luke Austin Daugherty Copyright 7/19/2014


Copyright 2014- Luke Austin Daugherty, all rights reserved

Typed on a Smith Corona Super Sterling typewriter

2 thoughts on ““Planting Trees” -A Poem by Luke Austin Daugherty

  1. Deb is responsible for planting every tree in our yard, Luke … ‘cept for our living Christmas trees. I love the fact she plants trees. We are blessed with a very high water table … and it is nothing short of AMAZING how big and tall they have grown (one is reaching 60 feet) in 10 to 15 years! We are already sitting in their shade. Last year was the first year she did not plant a tree, and she just told me a couple of days ago her trees for this summer … A Ginkgo Biloba and an Aspen, among others. : ) We love the Aspens from our times in Colorado … they grow okay back here, but not native, and few plant them. I often think about who might end up truly enjoying them … but like our children … arrows we shoot into a time we shall not see! : )

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