The Chronicles of Simon the Lover- Chapter Eleven: Chronicle #4

The Chronicles of Simon the Lover-

Chapter Eleven: Chronicle #4


Is now my true destiny revealed

A lover never to be loved?

Beloved Muriel

I cannot be angry with you

I am angry with my crooked spine

Damn my crooked leg!

They have been love’s stumbling block

Muriel, our hearts are pure


But our circumstance is corrupt

And will not suffer

Love’s flower to blossom

My love, I will leave this small town

I refuse any longer to be suffocated

By its hypocritical judgment


I will go to the city

Where a peculiar man

May better blend in

As a large crowd

Provides a capable camouflage

For a lonely soul


I take no suitcase

A lover’s heart

Is the only baggage I carry

I am sorry that

I was not found pleasing

To you

My love




-Thank you for reading this story! If you would like to have and read the entire poetry book that the story is from, please click either of the links below. It is available on Kindle and Nook. If you would like a print copy, please message me directly.

*This is chapter eleven of twelve. The following chapters will continue to be published daily until the entire story is online. Please subscribe to this blog for notifications.

-Copyright 2005 By: Luke Austin Daugherty -This work may not be reproduced in any form, digital, audio, or print, in part or in whole without the express, written consent of the author. It was originally published in a collection of original poetry called, “Love with Vengeance.”

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