The Chronicles Of Simon the Lover-Chapter Four: A Poet’s Encounter


The Chronicles Of Simon the Lover

Chapter Four: A Poet’s Encounter


The next day

Simon sat in his usual

Back-corner booth at the diner

Feeling isolated and safe

From the judgment of the normal townsfolk

Hoping Muriel

Who worked as a teller at the bank across the street 

Would follow her usual routine

And come to the diner for lunch


A few minutes later

When Muriel walked in

It was to Simon

As the gates of Heaven opening

With celestial light shining upon her face

And her dark brown hair


Simon’s ballpoint pen felt like the ready, ink-dipped quill of a prophet

While the words flowed freely onto

His new dime store notebook

As did those on Solomon’s scroll

When he wrote his sacred song


Simon penned the words purposefully 

And with great thought and reflection

As though he was whispering the sonnet

In Muriel’s ear

His head just over her cashmere covered shoulder


When Simon’s confession was finished

He carefully tore out the page

Folding it twice, keeping the creases even

Until it was one third its original size

Just the perfect fit for a fresh, white envelope


Once the envelope was licked, sealed, and stamped

Simon wrote the “To” address on the front

But added no “From”

Then mailed it to the Town Chronicle


Though the newspaper’s office was only two blocks away

Simon wished for the time being

To remain anonymous

And could not risk being noticed

Dropping the letter off

For he was the town’s peculiar one


Simon chose rather

To drop it into the large, metal mailbox on the corner of the sidewalk

Feeling gravity pull it out of his fingers

Before he allowed the heavy, tilt-out mail slot door

To swing back into place



Knowing what was now done

Could not be undone

He whispered to himself

“It is finished”


Upon the poem’s publishing in “The Town Chronicle”

Several days later

It could be said that there was no small stir

Among the populace of the small town

For Simon was plain

With the notions of his heart


His anonymous, yet public confession

Read in this fashion…

-Thank you for reading this story! If you would like to have and read the entire poetry book that the story is from, please click either of the links below. It is available on Kindle and Nook. If you would like a print copy, please message me directly.

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