The Chronicles of Simon the Lover- Chapter Three: The Revelation of St. Simon


The Chronicles of Simon the Lover

Chapter Three: The Revelation of St. Simon

Simon was deep in his daily Bible study

Making his devotion in the book of Proverbs

One of his favorite portions of Scripture

When he came across one fateful verse

Proverbs 27:5 

“Open rebuke is better than secret love”


It was as though a fog was lifted

From his lonesome soul

As his God’s words gave the charge

And a spark of liberating revelation

Was ignited


Though his mind had been quickened

He yet reasoned within himself

“How can a man such as I

Shunned and despised of all

Express to the beautiful rose Muriel

The truest feelings of my heart?”


He was now frustrated 

By the apparent contradiction

Why would God provoke him to action

While offering no course

To accomplish the task


As the battle was raging

In his stricken breast

He found the answer

In the notion of a faithful friend

At the moment he looked upon the book of prose

That had also been his meditation many lonely hours


He would pour out his heart in verse

Page and pen would play the music

Of his love song

And Muriel would finally know

That he loved her


But he could not just walk right up to her

At the corner of Main and Jefferson

And hand her the love letter in an envelope

For he was the town’s peculiar one

Such an action would surely be disastrous


Simon decided on a less abrupt course

He would offer his love poems for publication

In the community contribution section

Of the local newspaper

“The Town Chronicle”


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-Copyright 2005 By: Luke Austin Daugherty

-This work may not be reproduced in any form, digital, audio, or print, in part or in whole without the express, written consent of the author. It was originally published in a collection of original poetry called, “Love with Vengeance.”

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