The Chronicles of Simon the Lover-Chapter Two: The Heart of Simon


The Chronicles of Simon the Lover

Chapter Two: The Heart of Simon


In spite of his lack of human friends

Simon was not completely forsaken

For he found the companionship offered by books

To be quite agreeable

His best pals were the Scriptures, Moby Dick

And a collection of love poems

Penned by the great writers of verse


Oh, and by the way

Simon was in love


Her name was Muriel

She was an angel in his eyes

Every time he saw her in town

His heart felt as though it was being crushed

By the mighty hand of God


But he would only look quickly

For he was the town’s peculiar one

And though he could bear the judgmental stares 

Of everyone that passed him by

To risk catching such a glance from Muriel

Would be as death to him

So rather than chance such a fate

He withheld his eyes from ever meeting hers


Several years it had been

That he had lived in this sad state

A man whose chest burned with the heat

Of true love’s passion

Yet feeling imprisoned

Unable to express his deepest emotions

To the object of his desire

The sweet Muriel


But one day

Everything changed…

-Thank you for reading this story! If you would like to have and read the entire poetry book that the story is from, please click either of the links below. It is available on Kindle and Nook. If you would like a print copy, please message me directly.

*This is chapter two of twelve. The following chapters will continue to be published daily until the entire story is online. Please subscribe to this blog for notifications.

-Copyright 2005 By: Luke Austin Daugherty

-This work may not be reproduced in any form, digital, audio, or print, in part or in whole without the express, written consent of the author. It was originally published in a collection of original poetry called, “Love with Vengeance.”

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