A Snow Storm is Coming… NO BABY CARROT IS SAFE!

Camby, In. Meijer Store. 1/4/14 Photo Credit: Angela Daugherty

Camby, In. Meijer Store. 1/4/14 Photo Credit: Angela Daugherty

The weather man says a bad storm is brewing! It’s due to hit Central Indiana about 4 a.m. Sunday morning, 1/5/14. The temps are supposed to drop and the inches of snow will fall. We are predicted to get up to a foot of snow and below zero temperatures. To Floridians, that would be the Apocalypse, for some Alaskans…summer. 

My wife, like many thousands of other shoppers apparently, hit the grocery for a few “last minute” items today. She didn’t end up getting the ground beef we needed for our goulash and had to opt for ground turkey sausage, as it was the only ground meat left in the building. Actually, the ground turkey ended up being pretty good in the dish.

I know the “staple foods” are usually hit hard when a storm is coming. There is something about Hoosiers when it snows that makes them think, “THE SNOW COMETH! LET US FEAST UPON SLAIN LOAVES OF AUNT MILLIE’S SLICED BREAD!” The bread aisle, along with the milk and egg section is typically pretty empty after the hoards have swarmed.

But this time…even the baby carrots and sundry produce items fell prey to the stockpiling masses! My wife, Angela, took the above pictures this afternoon. Not even a sack of squishy, outdated bean sprouts was left…only one lonely container of sour cream.

So my fellow Midwesterners, try to stay safe and tucked in if it gets bad. Don’t drive any more than you have to. Enjoy a bit of down-time if the county puts out an emergency driving restriction. Snuggle up with a good book or stay in touch on social media. Have fun with the family and enjoy a home movie party.

At the very least, you’ll have plenty of baby carrots to snack on…


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